Wordle 288: The Answer Was Fewer: Which Meant More Guesses

Wordle 288. Seriously, I have to ask what the deal is with using letters from the last five letters of the alphabet? This entire week has been fraught with alternating W’s, V’s, and Y’s. Sometimes more than one is in the same Wordle. Sometimes it’s only one. They could appear back to back or take a break. Goodness! The thing is, I still haven’t realized that I need to work them into my guesses sooner. That changes tomorrow. 


Adieu and Often – quite the change up I know – gave me a green E and a yellow F. Refer kept that F yellow and added another green E and an R. 

Now that I knew where the F went, there was only one more letter to figure out. The third one. Fever. It was obvious. I didn’t even think twice before hitting return. Oh, lo and behold that V was gray. 

Because of course! Fewer. With a double you. Amazing. Argh!

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