Wordle 287: The Answer Was Trope: How Meta!

Wordle 287 was written live. Real time! Not fixed up in post or edited. Here we go!

Just hit cmd+R to refresh my page and get rid of Wordle 286. That’s right, I’m a Mac person!

Adieu as usual and it gives me a yellow E. Okay, not the best, but a good candidate to slap on the end of Store.

Store. Hot dog! I was right about the E. It’s green now as is the O. While T and R are in yellow. Things are going well. Keep it together don’t get cocky.

With tryping, I slap in Qrote which will address the yellow letters. At least one of them will go green. Given this weeks Wordles, I’m pretty sure there is a W kicking around. 

Wrote is what I go with and it is wrong. Dang! I was sure I had it. What I do have is a green R. The new possible solution hits me while I’m not even there in my chronicling. 

I know T is the first letter now. Which at first glance gives me Trove or Trope. Since Wordle has been on tear this week with W, Y, and V this week, I instantly assume it’s Trove. 

This is the aspect of Wordle that I do not enjoy. It’s luck more than anything else. I go with Trove. Which means I’ve fallen for a Trope. There is no W, Y, or V. Wordle went meta. Established a Trope this week and made me fall for it. Then it went in the other direction. 

Blast you Wordle! Another fiver!

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