Wordle 286: The Answer Was Snout

Wordle 286 wasn’t too bad considering the slump I’ve been in. So many five and six guessers lately. I’m pretty sure I did somewhat okay on Wordle 285, but cannot be certain. In that regard, Wordle 286 was my first good Wordle in awhile.

Adieu gave me a yellow U. Rusty kept it that way but added a yellow S and T. It also confirmed that there was no Y

Which is something that has happened three times in recent memory. Two times is enough. The third time was me guessing Lowly in three to four. 

Strum turned the S and U green and did nothing else. So, I had me a bit of think. Went and did something else for a bit. A thing called work. When I returned I’d figured it out. I knew there was an O lurking in there since my second guess, I just hadn’t put in there yet!

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