Wordle 282: The Answer Was Found

Wordle 282 was another N-Gram. A collection of letters that appear together. Which can be absolutely detrimental in Wordle if not discovered soon enough. There’s been a lot lately and I Wordle X’ed on one of the.

Adieu gave me a yellow U and D. So, I thought Cloud would be a decent next guess. It was. D went green while O and U went yellow.

Bound was the next guess. I don’t know why I went with it. It’s never B. When was a B even in a Wordle? I should look that up. 

At least all I had to do was figure out the first letter. Unfortunately, I realized quickly that I was in trouble. Sound? Wrong.

The next two guesses were it. It could be Found, Pound, or to go off in a different phonic direction,  Wound.

I just started typing. It was down to luck. Luckily I was lucky and picked Found first.

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