Wordle 280: The Answer Was Epoxy

Either Wordle 280 was stupid or I was stupid. One of us was the stupid. (Yes, I meant to type it that way!)

After Adieu and Store, I had one green O and one yellow E. 

Peony was my next guess. Which was pretty dang solid. P and E were yellow while O and Y were green. This thing was practically solved. 

Until it wasn’t.

I knew the Wordle started with E. For some reason I became far to invested in the P going between the O and Y. I was sure there was some word I didn’t know. To the point that I just started typing in the letter and hitting enter. Ecopy, Emopy, and a plethora of words that I struggle with autocorrect to chronicle here.

Once I realized that it was Epoxy, I felt embarrassed. At one point in Wordle 279 I was sure there was an X in the solution. Here it hadn’t even crossed my mind. 

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