Wordle 279: The Answer Was Depot And I Need Detox

Wordle 279 started out promising, but quickly made me lose interest. The day was just off schedule and super busy so I played Wordle out of duty, not for fun.

After getting a yellow D and E from Adieu, I made the boneheaded move of Coded. Both stayed yellow, especially the E because it was in the exact same spot. What a dummy! Though I did get an additional O

Trode gave me the addition of a yellow T while keeping all previous yellow letters yellow. Yay!

I flipped the script and went with Detox. Which I figured was not the answer. An X, really? I was right, but pretty much everything went green except for the T and the X. Obviously.

All I had to do was figure out what the middle letter was and it was pretty dang apparent. I mean, there wasn’t even another choice was there? Depot. Certainly not my finest showing, but I was fine with it.

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