Wordle 276: Slosh Was The Sloshing Answer!

Wordle 276 was stupid. Actually it the answer was Slosh, but the Wordle as a whole was stupid. Really stupid.

I struck out on Adieu. Went with Stork on my second guess and got a green S and O. Pretty dang good I thought. 

I was busy with work so I went away for awhile. When I came back I tried Scold and was awarded a yellow L. Things were decent. 

Spool was my next guess after another stint of work. There was no progress made. 

Thoroughly stumped I carried on with my workday. In all honesty, I was in full panic mode. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to Wordle X. 

I chatted with a friend and fellow Wordle player over Slack. Confiding that I had no idea and that the Wordle was stupid. Then it me in my soft squishy sloshy brain. Slosh!


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