Wordle 274: The Answer Renewed My Interest

Wordle 274 began in a spartan with Adieu only giving me a green E. My second guess, Other, kept it that way. 

Well, heck. This isn’t a good place to be when one is trying to fix the gap between results of their three and four guesses. Which is something I’ve been trying to do. Three is for me! 

I almost made the boneheaded move of putting D at the end of the word. Even though I knew dang good and well it wasn’t there. I caught myself and, through tryping, came up with a new guess. Even though I wasn’t super happy with it. Resew didn’t feel on brand for Wordle. 

It wasn’t, but everything went green except the S. I stared at my options for far too long. Inventing new words. Questioning if someone at the times forgot how to spell Review. Then, I saw that gorgeous N. Which should have totally gave me the answer I needed. 


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