Wordle 272: The Answer Was Sauted And Haute

Wordle 272 was my chance at stopping the new trend of five and six guesses. Which aren’t bad, but a little too close to Wordle X’ing for comfort. I’d really like my three guess results to surpass my four guesses. Which isn’t too far off.

Adieu let me know that A, E, and U were in the puzzle and that they were not in the proper locations. 

Haute came to mind fairly quickly. While it mostly seemed on brand, it also felt like a non-obvious choice. Therefore, probably not the answer. I couldn’t be bothered to find a better solution I wanted to know if I was barking up the right tree. 

I was.

All the letter, but H went green. The obvious choice was Saute. Which I can’t help but kick myself over as I typically prioritize the guessing of S over H

I now realize that I could have had my first two guess. 


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