Wordle 271: I Really Wasn’t Into It

Wordle 271 came on a day that I was busy. I started work immediately after waking up and didn’t play Wordle until later in the day. When I was listening to the news. My attention was split. I really wasn’t into it.

Adieu gave me a yellow I and E. So I tried Isles. Really? That was a terrible guess and didn’t try to find a the spot for E. 

Rifle was my next guess. The I remained yellow while the E went green. Though I used L again which I already knew wasn’t good. 

I was not doing well. So I typed in, Ollie, my dog’s name. At least the I went green, not that process of elimination hadn’t told me that already. I also got a yellow O!

Bowie counts as a word, eh? I was a bit surprised by this. Also, Wordle was in love with W last week and now, nothing.

I have to admit, I was panicking by this point and it was all my doing. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t thinking. 

Thank goodness Movie worked out.

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