Wordle 270: Catering To The N-Gram Crowd

Wordle 270. Wordle 270! Oh ho ho, Wordle 270. I see you. I wag my finger at thee. You started out the easily enough, but the you went full jerk mode.

Adieu proved a yellow A and a green E. With last weeks love of the letter W in mind, I entered Water. Everything went green except the W. Which remained gray. 

Well, not a big deal. Surely it’s Later! No.

Hater? I stupidly entered as if The Times would choose a fun word such as Hater. Even though I certainly was one by that point in time. 

I also realized I was in the midst of another n-gram. Which can be a lot of things. In this case, it was a series of letters that appear together. This could end up like Wordle 265 all over again. Luckily, I had wound up at this point much sooner than I had on my first Wordle X. 

I had too guesses left and if I thought the phonetically similar Gator one more time would scream. I scoured available options and saw that C. Then proceeded to feel slightly underwhelmed by the result.

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