Wordle 269: Don’t Tease About The Boneheaded Guess

Wordle 269 made me reassess the amount of gloating I did over solving Wordle 268 in about a minute. In fact, even with slowing down and taking a bit more time. I still made a boneheaded move. 

Adieu gave me a yellow A and E. I went with Stare which greened those yellow letters while adding yellow S and T. Two guesses and I practically had this thing solved!

…Or did I?

Maybe it’s the time change. It’s certainly because I still wasn’t fully awake. I didn’t immediately see the solution. For the first time in days the concept of double letters lurking in the puzzle, didn’t even cross my mind. 

As I returned with a fresh cup of coffee I entered Slate. Which was the boneheaded move. I already knew that S didn’t belong at the beginning of this thing. Yet, I’d gone and done it. 

I felt like a fool. At least I knew that I only needed to guess the second letter. I was pretty sure that a Wordle beginning with TS was right out. An O didn’t seem right for the second letter. Nor didn’t any consonants. 

Then E hit me. As it should have all along. So simple. Why did I not suspect double letters. Please do not Tease me.

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