Wordle 268: Smelt It And Dealt It

Wordle 268 was the kind of Wordle that made me forget all about Wordle 265 and my terrible failing of that said Wordle. The kind of Wordle that made me believe in myself once more. Wordle 265? More like Whodle 265?

After Adieu gave me one yellow E, I put that puppy at the end of Store. Which kept that E yellow, but gave me a yellow T and a green S.  

Certainly not bad. I had an idea of what 50% of the word contained. Though I only knew the proper location for one of those letters. After about thirty seconds of mouthing out some next guesses I typed in Smelt

Then I went and did something else with the rest of the morning.

Seriously, Wordle needs a timed mode.

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