Wordle 267: Remaining Focused Is Bogus

Wordle 267 began with a bit of trepidation on my part. After all, I’m still a bit shaken after my loss the on Wordle 265. I have every right to be. 

Adieu gave me a yellow U. As did Hours. However, I did get a green O which was good. After that, I did some tryping and came up with Bogus and Focus as potential next guesses. Since Wordle has been in a bit of a beige phase lately, I figured the Wordle wouldn’t be Bogus, but Focus instead and went with that.

I mean, all the tiles going green is great and all. However, I was a little let down that the solution wasn’t Bogus. Maybe I should go watch one of the Bill & Ted movies to make myself feel better. 

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