Wordle 266: Today Is The First Day After Wordle X’ing

Wordle 266 was my first Wordle after Wordle X’ing on Wordle 265. I could have used the loss as a natural ending to playing Wordle. Close the book and the tab forever. Yet, I enjoy playing Wordle too much to let one little loss bring me down. 

I brushed the metaphorical dust from my shoulders and typed in Adieu. Which gave me a yellow A and a yellow D in return.

Then I typed in Salad because I really can’t get over the double letters streak I’m on. Even on Wordle 265 I did it, though I can’t recall the word. 

Not wanting to go down the same road I went the previous I slowed down just a touch. Did a bit of tryping. I gave Today a shot as it was a great way to figure out what other vowels were lurking. Not only did I find out, I was rewarded with all greens.  

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