Wordle 265: My First Wordle X

Wordle 265 was the first time I lost. Wordle X’ed. Failed. My perfect 100% rating that I held for forty three days is gone and now relegated to the streak column. I tried to keep Wordle boxed away from real life and sacred. Now it is marred.


I was so distraught that I forgot to capture the image before refreshing the page. Which is too bad because I wanted to mark this terrible occasion. 

Also, I failed to note the words I used. Of course there was Adieu, but my second guess was really different. Then on my third guess I practically solved it with – let’s go with – Catch. Followed by Hatch, Patch, Batch never what the actual solution was, Watch.

At least I now know that Wordle reveals the answer once the puzzle is lost. Which is some sort of consolation I suppose. Can you imagine if Wordle was a roguish souls like and just didn’t tell you what the answer was? Instead letting your failure compound on top of the festering mystery.

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