Wordle 264: I’ve Let My Billiard License Lapse

Wordle 264 was kind of a cross roads for the ways the last few puzzles have gone. I solved it quickly, but needed that fourth guess. 

Stare my second choice and it turned my yellow A and E green while giving me a yellow S. 

My next guess was a surprise to me. I typed in Masse for the purpose of visualizing a word. Though I was in the room alone, I remember looking over my shoulder before I hit enter. Instead of having the boxes shake back and forth because Masse isn’t a real word, the tiles started flipping.

I immediately punched it into google. Apparently, I’m not a billiards guy. Which is something that I didn’t need Wordle to inform me. Also, apparently Wordle will take French words. Though Masse is a French word that has been adopted into English. 

I really need to get off the double letter train. Double letters do not happen nearly as often as I’m trying them these days. Lapse came to me quickly after and that was that.

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