Wordle 263: Whoa Slow Down

Wordle 263 told me to shut up and take my time playing Wordle. For the first time in a bit Wordle took me more than a minute to complete. This was closer to about five to ten minutes!

Adieu gave me nothing. Storm  gave T, O, and M. All yellow. 

Influenced by Sweet from Wordle 262, I felt that there could be some double letters hanging out. For that reason I went with Motto. Which gave me M and O in a hue of green. Everything else was yellow and gray. At that point I knew there were not any double letters. Well, unless M was a double letter. Which I mouthed out a few times before accepting the situation and moving on.

After a moment of hopelessness, believing it was some word that I was too stupid to know, I figured out what it was. Month. Anticlimactic.

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