Wordle 262: Not Taking My Sweet Time

Wordle 262 continued the trend of my solving the Wordle in well under a minute. Though I did make some bone headed moves. Like using D in my second guess when I knew that it was gray. Which was ironic because I heard a radio host talking about the same issue about fifteen minutes later.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a preoccupation with Wordle using a word in the past tense. Something that I do not recall having experienced yet. I’m starting to think it does not. 

After Adieu I tried something completely different, Sowed. Once again, really interested in seeing if Wordle ever uses a word in the past tense. Also, what the heck was I thinking using W. 

I was sure it was a terrible idea. Imagine my surprise when it came up yellow. On a lark I went with Sweet. Having double letters just seemed like something that would happen. 

Then it was over and not even a minute had passed.  

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