Worlde 261: Hoarding The Answer

Wordle 261 was nearly just as fast as Wordle 260, just not as elegant. In all honesty, I need to stop using B over other letters like H. I’ve been using B a lot lately and it isn’t that common of a letter. 

Anyway, you know the drill!

Adieu got me two golds. Salad let me know that the D was at the end. Also, I forgot that it was a stupid choice. I knew that it would – unless there were another – only show me the position of the first A. However due to the early hour, I simply misplaced that tidbit of knowledge.

Having yet to test the waters for the viability of O. I didn’t feel great about my choice of Board. Most of that feeling was due to the B. It just isn’t in enough words. I mean, it’s in more the Z or X, but it isn’t as common as H. 

Which is what I entered instead of the B on my next guess. Ta-Da!

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