Wordle 258: Not Getting Ahead of Myself

Wordle 258 began like all the rest. Adieu which gave me an A of the green variety. As well as D and E in yellow. The feeling of progress would soon come to a grinding halt.

Abode same deal different places. Man I really wanted the Wordle to be Abode. I was bummed that it wasn’t. 

In a fit of mania I entered Acred. Which I was sure couldn’t be the word. There are some out there that believe Wordle has gotten more difficult since The Times bought it. I don’t think the difficulty has been ramped up. Sure Shake, Shave, Shape, or whatever was tricky and Tacit was a bit obtuse. For the most part I find it challengingly reasonable. Yet, I knew that Acred could not be the solution. It  just doesn’t feel like a Wordle.

Like with every Wordle that enters into fourth guess territory, I dropped it into low gear and began the climb into my share of the lexicon. I knew it ended with a D, but not ED. Pretty sure that Wordle is never in the past tense. 

There were no more vowels to be had and there wasn’t a consonant mosh pit happening at the end. That’s when it hit me. Clearly I knew the Wordle was Ahead.

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