Wordle 255: The One Where Wordle Gets Current And Political?

Wordle 255 was a bit of a stinker. My starting word of Adieu put me in a tough spot where I knew there was a U and that E was the second to last letter. 

I tried Fumes followed by Tuner. Other than the R I didn’t get anything. Well, except for a severe feeling of early on set defeat. No R or S at the end? I entered Rubel. How could I not? It fit and the word has been in our active lexicon a lot lately. 

At least I knew that R was the first letter. However, I was now truly stumped. A few minutes passed before – sticking with the currency theme – I entered Rupee. 

Well, I was correct and felt a sense of relief. Five guesses is a bit much. 

After Wordle had concluded for the day, I felt compelled to google rubel and rupee. I was loathe to feel that sense of relief disappear. Apparently, there is renewed talks around a rubel rupee trade agreement. Which would allow Russia to get around some of the sanctions imposed on the rubel. 

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