Wordle 250: End of The Streak

Wordle 250 is where “The Solve the Wordle Three Guesses” streak ended. The old familiar feel of impending failure settled over me as I hit enter on my fifth guess. What a rush!

As usual I started with Adieu. It hasn’t failed me yet. Mostly because it’s fail proof. Gray vowels are as important as green and yellow.

With hard mode enabled, my second guess varies a bit. I’ve been playing Store and Stork a lot recently. Which one being determined by the results of Adieu. 

I thought the third guess was the perfect chance to play Gnome. Followed by the fourth guess of Clove. No, I wasn’t really feeling the V, but I figured C and L had to be in the word. I wasn’t fully correct. 

I did end up solving it in a matter of minutes. No walking off and pacing around. Trying to clear my head by doing other things. Attempting to conjure the Wordle from out of thin air. For the most part, I find hard mode to make Wordle a bit more enjoyable. Reducing the chaos around guesses and focusing on my vocabulary. Though a lot of the time, there is luck involved.

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