Wordle 245 + 246: I Was On Vacation

For Wordle 245 and Wordle 246, I found myself in a hotel room. Hungry for breakfast and slightly pressed for time, I wanted to polish off these Wordles as soon as I could. With hard mode still enabled and much trepidation, I entered my first word. 

Honestly, both have blended together. My recollection is off.

One green letter. 

Second word, two green letters. This was going pretty well.

Third and fourth words, the same two green letters and a bunch of grays.

Fifth I for sure thought I had it. Though it did take me a few minutes to come up with a word. I couldn’t control my smug smile as I typed Habit and hit enter. Tiles started turning green. Until the fifth. That one went gray. 

Final guess. I was good and truly stumped. There was no hope left. Tryping was all I had left. Eventually, I started slapping T at the beginning and soon after Tacit turned into a thing. A very apt word for this Wordle.

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