Wordle 242: The Reason Why I Don’t Play Hard Mode

Wordle 242 is the exact reason why I don’t play hard mode. My starting word gave me two yellows. My second, which is entirely different from my first, gave me nothing. 

I’ve been consistently playing Adieu as my starting word for weeks. There could be other choices out there, but determining a bunch of vowels is preferable for me. My second word is typically Storm. Both of these words sort out all the core vowels and provide results some pretty common consonants.

This alone is one reason why I’ve feared moving to hard mode. 

Then there is Wordle 242. Where Adieu gave me two yellow letters and Storm gave me nothing. In this case, I change paths and change up every single letter. Which other than tryping, is probably my second most used method. It’s a good to burn it all down and build from the ash. However, that can never be done in hard mode. At all. 

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