Wordle 239: The One Where I Invent a Portmanteau For a Wordle Strategy

With all the pondering about luck and questioning my enjoyment of the game, Wordle 239 gave me the exact hit I needed. 

Starting word gave me one yellow letter. Second word gave me two yellow letters.

I set to rearranging I, O, and R as best I could. Using Q and Z interchangeably for letters I didn’t know. Swapping them out keep my mind fresh and nimble. 

There were a few times I thought I had it, but realized that one of the letters was in a place that it didn’t belong. 

Honestly, I do not know how I got the answer after tryping – that’s right, I just invented a portmanteau – for three minutes. When luck is on your side, Wordle is a freaking rush.

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