Wordle 237: The One Where I Hit The Refresh Button

Wordle 237 was the first Wordle with The New York Times redesign. Header font and favicon changed to match the familiar branding. For aetsthetics sake the stats, settings, and other buttons were pushed to the edge of their respective sides of the page. A siren song of a burger bar menu provides links to other NYT games. Beckoning players to put down the Wordle and step beyond the paywall into realm of crossword puzzles and Sudoku.  

This is a rather serendipitous time for this to happen as, just yesterday, after completing Wordle 236, I had a realization that Wordle requires almost more luck than skill. That’s an off the cuff remark. I haven’t assembled a team of data crunchers or established any test parameters. It’s something that came to me after typing in “Sauce” when the Wordle was “Pause.” Then I had the thought, “Do I want to play crossword puzzles instead?” Something that requires more skill than luck.

I have to admit that this thought was similar in a way to how I, and many other people, felt in the late aughts after playing too much Guitar Hero and realizing we could have potentially learned the actual guitar with all the time we’d put in. Soon after we discovered the two are not necessarily related in practice. Playing a guitar and flopping around the living room like a rock god are two mutually exclusive experiences.

Two Things! First, I realize that I’m comparing playing guitar and doing a crossword puzzle. Which are two things which should probably never be compared. Lastly and fortunately for me, I remember how giving up Guitar Hero for the real guitar turned out. 

As for Wordle 237 itself, the solution aligned perfectly with the redesign and switch over to The New York Times. I have to wonder if there is a minor amount of trolling going on there in reference to the anxiety of potential paywalling.

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