Wordle 232: The One Where I Typed In F***s

Wordle 232 presented the opportunity for me to type “fucks.” My two starting words are still working. Based on what other letters were grayed out, I had a good idea as to what the second letter had to be. I thought, What letter offers both C and K as options with the added benefit of seeing if there is an S down there at the end?

As I write this I realize that knew what the first letter was and could have easily stuck with that. Taking some sort of concessionary high road. Though high roads are where bad people with clean language hang out and should be avoided. Furthermore, Wordle doesn’t often present the opportunity to use such a word. Though now that I think about it, fucks could be one part of a starting word pair. Much in the same way the Frosted Flakes is part of a healthy breakfast.

I guess, really, I was curious what kind of game Wordle was. Especially in a world where Lewdle exists. Was Wordle gonna shake some tiles and say, “No!” or was it gonna have it’s collar unbuttoned and let it slide while wearing shades and listening to some Crue? Do I smell cigarettes? 

After the discovery that Wordle accepts The King of Bad Words, I wonder why Lewdle even needs to be thing? But it is a thing and people like it, so whatever. I am curious as to what other bad words are in Wordle’s magical word bag. At this point, I assume all of them are.

Game on.

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