Wordle 230: Day Nine Nail Biter

I’d been playing the same two starting words for over a week. They typically produce good results. In fact, one day they gave me all the letters I needed. On day nine things didn’t go well.

A quick cursory glance at that image shows the level of floundering I was doing. Going into the final guess with only one green letter and four yellows was beyond not ideal. 

I used a technique I had yet to use in Wordle. The process of elimination. Which was quite effective as I’d been guessing words containing the letters I had the entire time. I went through the rows and saw where the letters failed and got the proper placement for three letters.

Then, all I had to do was figure out what the word started with. There were three obvious choices, but I knew one letter was gray. Leaving me with two choices and one nerve wracking hit of the enter key.

I guessed correctly.

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