The Wordle Chronicles: Oh Hey, Sward Is A Word!

On the Eighth Day, I typed in “sward” and hit enter. This was my third guess and I knew that I had four of the five letters. Two of which were already in the correct places. 

The word was practically handed to me on a silver platter and I was at a loss as to what the word was. I had the same issue a couple days before. 

“Sward, really?” I said to myself as I hit enter. Maybe I thought it. It doesn’t really matter. I wasn’t even certain it was word. It was just something funny we used to call swords after too many Mountain Dews. I fully expected to see tiles shake in reaction to me typing in nonsense. I was wrong and I’d practically wasted a guess.

I got it on my fourth guess.

At least I now know that a sward is a patch of land covered in grass. Can’t wait to work that into a conversation and feel like a word nerd.

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