Nanowrimo 2021

Nanowrimo 2021 starts tomorrow. As of this writing, a whole bunch of word-psychos are stocking up on coffee and snacks, writing notes in regards to where they are leaving off in life, kissing their loved ones good-bye, and are about to declare war on writing apps. Sounds normal.

I’m sitting here writing this on October 31st. When I started this post, I was going to clearly declare that I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year. I have a full time job and enough extracurricular activities that even putting aside expendable activity like television, video games, and reading, would net me a small amount of time for writing. 

For me it seems that signing up for Nanowrimo this time would be setting myself up for failure. I felt this way early on. Not signing up for Nano was the safe and easy choice to make. As I read and deleted emails from Nanowrimo, I felt good with my decision. It was liberating. 

This morning, October 31st, I began to have a change of heart while checking my emails. I felt compelled to log into the Nanowrimo website. I started looking around. I saw my old projects. The wins and the losses. The enticement of pounding out words and hitting that lofty 1667 daily word goal. That feeling I had when I won Nano back in 2018. The ideal achievement of writing a first draft. Which in actuality is getting a pile of meat to pick at and eventually sculpt into something coherent. Who doesn’t like meat sculpting? Gross!

I’ve done more than a few Nanos. Failing at more than I’ve won, but typically enjoying the time either way. It does feel great to hit that goal. In general it feels good to write. I guess I’m going to need to think on this a bit more. Hmmm.

Are you taking part in Nanowrimo 2021?

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