The Guest List

The Guest List is a fantastic mystery novel. Lucy Foley has created a suspenseful story that never loosens its grip, but doesn’t exhaust the reader either.  She also seemed to have said “Hold my beer!” and engineered the entire story to keep the reader guessing the entire time. Which is what a mystery novel should do, but she’s taken it to another level. Almost as if she has called out readers for a challenge. The reader doesn’t even know who has died at the beginning!

The whole story takes place somewhere between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. Chapters are told from the perspective of the five main characters. Which gives the reader a chance to get to know and become familiar with – even attached in some cases – to the characters. As an avid reader of fantasy I can’t help but be reminded of A Song of Ice and Fire.  

There isn’t much that can be said without giving too much away. Not knowing anymore than the blurbage on the cover is the best way to approach this – and pretty much – every book. Like mysteries? Want to keep guessing? Then read this!

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