Hounded is overall okay. It’s the first book in The Iron Druid Chronicles that currently sits at the count of nine, arguably ten, but whatever. Being that it’s the first book there are a lot introductions in this book. Characters and the world, are introduced and constructed well enough for the story. I just felt like there were way to many characters and plot threads going on.  

Hearne builds from Irish folklore and culture. Magic, creatures, and pronunciation of words harken back to Ireland. Which I assume he is from or at least his ancestors are. There’s a glossary at the front of the book that goes over the pronunciation or words and names which is truly helpful. Some words are completely different than I would have presumed. 

There’s a humor in Hounded that I enjoyed for the first half. Then it became slightly less funny. Being able to communicate with his dog was probably my favorite druid power and a source of much of the humor. 

Hounded started out strong. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one hundred pages. After that, it got a little soggy. It felt like a collection of short stories were combined into a larger work. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. I think I will give the next book a try. If not the next in the series, Oberon’s Meaty Mystery: The Squirrel on the Train does sound like something I would be into.

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